Residency Program

To train and send shepherd leaders

Two Years

The residency is a two year commitment with potential for further service. We want to “train & send” you with a team to plant a church in a YMCA either locally, nationally or internationally.

One Goal

The CITY Movement seeks to plant and connect healthy churches in YMCA’s. We believe this platform that the Lord has entrusted to us is fertile ground for this noble work.

Hundreds Touched

With nearly 14,000 YMCAs globally, it is a wonderful place to spread the hope of Jesus. As we love, serve, and care for people within our YMCA communities, we help to raise the “C” in our cities.

Our objective is to develop a “Shepherd Leader” who…

  1. Shepherd’s his own heart well.
  2. Shepherd’s his family well.
  3. Shepherd’s the flock well.
  4. Ministers to the YMCA.  
  5. Plants a Church in the YMCA.
What Churches are Involved in the Train & Send Program?

Antioch (Lebanon, OH) - Website

The Gathering (Maineville, OH) - Website

The Fields Church (Arlington, TX) - Website

How long would the residency be?

The residency is for two years of deliberate instruction and service.


Generally speaking, our ideal candidate is:

  • A college graduate
  • Desires to lead or be involved in a YMCA church plant
  • Willing to work another job, hopefully within the YMCA, during the Residency Program
  • Seminary trained or a willingness to pursue further education 
What would I learn in the program?

There will be a good balance of:

  • Theological Equipping where residents will be equipped with a working knowledge of the Bible, its story and ability to apply.
  • Practical Ministry skills and Experience where residents will be equipped with skills to lead with humility and competency in the context of a church in the YMCA.
  • Leadership Development where residents will be equipped with knowledge on various spiritual disciplines and emotionally healthy practices as they walk with Jesus and lead out of the overflow of their lives/hearts.
When Will The Residency Program Start?

The goal is for residents to start in the fall of 2024. Applications for the program are due July 1st 2024.

  • Residents will be chosen by August 1st, 2024
  • Residency starts September 1st, 2024
  • Residency end date August 1st, 2026
Is a seminary degree a requirement for the residency?

No. However, we are looking to plant churches with men who are equipped and ready. If you are currently in seminary and would like to finish out with our residency, you are welcome. Or if you have plans for further education, you may apply. Planting teams will be made up of various ages, education levels and seasons of life.

How Do I Apply?

There are three churches participating. Their applications are linked below.

Antioch - Application

The Gathering - Application

The Fields Church - Application