Our Story

The beginning of a movement

September 2006

Antioch Church enters into long term partnership with the YMCA.

May 2016

Antioch planted “Landen Church” at the Countryside YMCA – Landen.

September 2018

Antioch planted church in the The Gathering Church in the Countryside YMCA – Maineville.

July 2021

Launched “The CITY Movement”

September 2021

CITY Movement team traveled to London to film the YMCA documentaries on the life of George Williams.

October 2021

The Shining Light book written by Dr. David Newman was published.

November 2021

Documentaries on the history of the YMCA and George Williams released.

June 2022

The Reason Why children's book and videos published. And around 1,200 people were all given both The Shining Light & The Children books at the worldwide YMCA Council.